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About ProReef

ProReef (Formerly known as Hiri) is a social business ‘profit for purpose’ based on the Gold Coast (Australia) with a mission to bring coral conservation to as many people as possible, grow coral, raise marine awareness, and to engage with communities.

Since 2018, we have worked with multiple rural communities and directly contributed to over 2000 fragments of coral being planted in Papua New Guinea and Fiji. Our work is continuing in these areas.

Our aim is to enable anyone to have an impact. 

We have lost 20% and we will lose another 50%
if we don't act now...
- WWF 2019

What We Offer

For You

As our home is on the Gold Coast, our goal is to transform this great city into a coral planting tourist hub. Soon, anyone will be able to be able to make an impact, even without a marine related degree. 

Tourist Experiences

Bored of doing the same thing? Learn about reefs and contribute directly to their restoration. For every tour sold, we donate to active coral regeneration projects with the Reef Restoration Foundation

Impactful products

We have partnered with a number of sustainable and eco-friendly businesses to provide you with products that have impact. We like to give back to conservation efforts so 20% of each sale contributes to reef restoration around the world.

For Business

So in 2020, we are introducing our reef restoration kit available for purchase by Scuba Shops, Surf Schools, Fishing Cruises, etc to give businesses a simple and effective way to make a difference today.

Reef Restoration Kits

All inclusive kit to grow your own coral reef nursery. Are you a Dive Shop, Surf School, Business passionate about the ocean? Give back today by building your very own coral colony.

Educational Workshops

We have designed a series of fun and rewarding workshops designed for Grade 6 to Grade 10 students which align with marine biology curriculums. All of our workshops explore the importance of coral, how they can help, an interactive marine experience and a number of practical workshops to simulate the experience of planting coral.


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