Help Build the reefs of tomorrow.

About Us

Did you know that we have already lost more than 30% of our reefs? We created ProReef to actively make a difference and try to resolve this major problem. Our journey began in 2018 as “Hiri” teaching rural communities in Papua New Guinea and Fiji simple coral restoration processes, planting over 2000 fragments of coral in nearby reefs.  Now, we have rebranded as “ProReef” and created a series of educational and tourist experiences for non-scientists that directly support reef conservation activities.

10 %
global Reefs left

Up to 90 percent may die within the next century

450 m

Depend on coral reefs for food, income, coastal protection, and more.

100 %
of coral reefs

in the Great Barrier Reef has avoided coral bleaching

What We Offer

Tourist Experiences

Unique and engaging experiences for tourists on the Gold Coast, designed specifically to enable anyone to learn about reefs, build their own mini-reef, and to contribute directly to reef restoration activities in Australia. We are dedicated to transforming the Gold Coast into the hub of tourist-led coral reef restoration.

Educational Workshops

Fun and rewarding educational workshops on coral importance, including awareness building, practical exercises on common and traditional coral restoration practices, exciting simulation activities, and more. Our workshops are design-fluid and can be custom-made to your liking. Suitable for all ages.

Reef Restoration Kits

Designed specifically with businesses in mind, our Reef Restoration Kit is made for coastal businesses who want to create their own mini coral nursery using our all-in-one package. Created for surf schools, dive shops, and others to enable group participation and impact.​

Sustainable Products

You can make a difference today by purchasing any of our products. Browse our full range eco-friendly and sustainable products. From swimsuits to shirts, we have something for everyone. Each product contributes to restoration activities in the Great Barrier Reef.


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