About Us

We exists to raise awareness, build sustainable reefs, deliver one-of-a-kind experiences 

and create coral ambassadors around the world.

Doing good is in our DNA

ProReef (Formerly known as Hiri) is a social business ‘profit for purpose’ which is based on the Gold Coast (Australia) with a mission to bring coral conservation to as many people as possible, grow coral, raise marine awareness, and to engage with communities. There is a significant need for coral conservation as reefs are disappearing twice as fast as the rainforest. Currently, we have lost 20% and we will lose another 50% if we don’t act now (WWF, 2019).

Our journey began in 2018 when we worked with our first Coral Ambassador village, where we planted over 500 fragments of coral. We have worked with multiple communities and have established a major Coral hub in the heart of both Papua New Guinea and Fiji with nurseries containing over 2000 fragments of coral. Our work is continuing in these areas.

Coral reefs are already lost or severely damaged.

The decline continues with alarming speed. Many threats to coral reefs are caused by humans. These threats include overfishing and destructive fishing practices and climate change.

Many villages depend on coral for their survival, from fishing to potential tourist attraction, it is the source of many economic benefits.

ProReef exists to raise awareness, build sustainable reefs, deliver one-of-a-kind experiences and create coral ambassadors around the world.

Our Aims

Provide businesses with a way to be impactful and have another source of income. 

Bring about significant environmental benefits above and below water.

Build greater coral reserves that will help continue sustainable tourism practices. 

Bring coral conservation to the population as a whole, no matter their education.

Deliver service offerings that are built for sustainability.

Allow anyone to be part of solving a global problem.  


Hiri partners up with Kyeema Foundation to deliver short and long term sustainability to communities in Fiji and Papua New Guinea

Hiri moves on to BootCamp Pitch @ Palace, a competition organised by the Royal Family, in Perth October 2019.

Hiri is featured on Bond University's News Page recognised for their efforts to save the world’s coral reefs.

Team Hiri pitch the rural community coral reef restoration education program at the United Nations

Team Hiri is crowned a winner of the National World's Challenge Challenge UN Competition. The team presented in London Ontario at Western University.

Hiri presents innovative coral restoration process at the Australian Coral Reef Society 2019 Conference

Coral Restoration is
cool isn't it?

We sure like our job! We get to swim around all day and make sure the future generations get to see what the reefs looked like 10 years ago. But we can’t do it alone!

Are you a business wanting to make an impact? Maybe you’re seeing the reefs around you dying and you feel this sadness… Consider purchasing our Reef Restoration Kit! 

Are you an individual who likes to go for a snorkel? passionate about the ocean? feel helpless? Consider joining a tour or purchasing a product!


Since 2018, a few people have come and gone (which is completely normal) but now, we have a great team of passionate people willing to change the world! Well, at least improve our reefs all over the world.