Reef Restoration Kits

Designed for simplicity, impact and businesses with sustainability at their core.

Who is it for?​

We have designed this Reef Restoration Kit for coastal businesses that keep coming back to the same location in the ocean and want to leave something behind that will benefit the planet. Created for surf schools, dive shops, and others to enable group participation and impact.​

What is it?

All-in-One solution providing you with all the tools, frames, 

and coral fragments you need to setup your own nursery. Delivered to you.

  • Coral based on location & picked by strength.
  • Manual provided for easy assembly and coral maintenance.
  • Subscription based frames and coral fragments (Available Monthly)
  • Catered for businesses to provide unique experiences to customers that have impact.

How does it work?

Why sign up?

Sustainable Tourism

By signing up to our reef restoration, you are taking action to creating a world which has colorful reefs, tourism in our oceans, and more.

Start a Conversation

We know for a fact that coral conservation sure gets people excited. Why not be part of the movement that is happening all over the world.

Attract Customers

Convert your business into a must-go location by standing out as a leader in sustainability and coral conservation.

Get your own Reef Kit

Get started today. Delivered to you with care.


complete setup


  • ProReef Frames
  • Tools
  • Coral Fragments
  • ProReef Manual

What can you do with it?

By purchasing our reef restoration kit, you can setup your own coral nursery in a location of your choosing. Get your customers involved as well by creating your own coral planting experience. Want to break-even or profit from your little pride and joy? Simply charge $20 to 15 customers. That’s a pretty nice experience to sell on the side you awesome coral ambassador!


Get started today. Delivered to you with care.


coral restoration Frame



a dozen
coral fragments



the whole works:
a dozen Coral + Frame