Reef Tourism Programs

Designed for maximum impact, entertainment and with the environment in mind.

Gold Coast

If you don’t have a scientific background, it is difficult to help solve some of the largest problems that face our reefs today. If you love oceans like us, this is heart-breaking. This is why we created ProReef tours.

We are the first company in Australia to provide fun and entertaining coral reef based experiences designed for every-day tourists which actively contribute to reef restoration activities in the country.

You can make an impact by simply completing a tour! Our tours will launch late 2020.You can buy a coupon today at 40% off, redeemable as soon we launch. 

ProReef Gold Coast Tours

Designed for everyday tourists with a passion for the water and that have an interest in learning more about the ocean, coral reefs, and making a difference in the world. 

  • Interaction with live animals
  • Practical coral restoration workshops
  • Virtual Reality experience
  • 20% of tour funds go towards active reef conservation projects

Become part of the solution.

Learn about Coral Reef Restoration, enjoy practical experiences and interact with live marine species.

Help us create a bigger and better Australian Reef